C4i expands National Air Defence System in Thailand


C4i recently received a further order to add to its existing nationwide Communications System for the Royal Thai Air Force. C4i will deliver another installation of its world leading, SwitchplusIP®
end-to-end IP communication system for this project with delivery expected Q1 of this year.

C4i delivered the existing Air Defence System in 2008 which provides the Thai Air Force with a complete nationwide end-to-end IP solution. The system consists of over twenty operational sites scattered across the country, linked together via an advanced IP network to provide a true “system of systems” solution. This allows every site to work together appearing like a single, very large system, providing total flexibility for resource allocation across the country while still retaining complete standalone autonomy should the network be removed.

The SwitchplusIP® system delivered to the Thai Air Force is the largest end-to-end IP based communications system we are aware of in use by any Air Force in the world today” said Peter Harrison C4i’s Managing Director. “It provides the operators with transparent access to communication assets located all across the country as if they were all in the same room. This cutting edge technology delivers the often talked about goal of “any asset, any operator, anywhere” currently being sort after by many air forces across the globe” Harrison said.

This system is further proof of SwitchplusIP® ability to be easily expanded after initial deployment. The Air Force is able to incrementally grow the system by adding sites, operators or assets when required; in this case a mobile air traffic control system that can be networked allowing Command Centre operators to utilize and communicate with these remote assets and operators through the IP network.

C4i has formidable experience delivering specialist Air Defence systems for use in single and multi-domain security environments all over the world. C4i’s ground breaking RED/Black IP system is United States Department of Defence recognized and Tempest accredited, currently in use with the USAF, RAAF and NATO Air Forces. C4i’s engineering and product team are experts in this niche, mission critical, high-security market and has years of experience integrating Type 1 cryptographic devices into Air Defence communications applications.

C4i has been delivering its SwitchplusIP VoIP technology to niche markets such as Air Defence, Public Safety and Maritime Ports for over six years, making it a market leader of this technology in its niche markets.

About C4i.
For over 20 years, C4i has specialized in delivering standard-setting communication solutions for mission-critical military and government customers around the globe. C4i is based in Melbourne, Australia, Reston, Virginia USA, and Singapore, and has representatives around the world. C4i is one of the publicly traded LongReach Group companies. A company with a global reach, C4i has the heritage, the knowledge, the commitment and the experience to adapt revolutionary solutions to all critical mission needs.

C4i Contacts:
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Brad Kay, President, C4i Inc. +1 (703 )6680741


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